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An innovative startup that develops, produces and markets plant extracts with biotechnological solutions that generate value for the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.

Bioingredients Research SRL, Bioingre, carries out research and development, production and marketing of innovative natural extracts, in synergy with public and private organisations,

Our extracts come from endemic, tropical, original plants and fruits, with beneficial effects on the health of the final consumer, to be destined for the international B2B market of the cosmetics and nutraceuticals industry.

Bioingre is the ideal partner for those customers who intend to develop innovative and functional formulations with the presence of original natural extracts (endemic, tropical, exotic) and a high level of effectiveness.

Bioingredients Research SRL has a joint venture agreement with Bioextracto S.A. de C.V., Mexican developer and producer of plant extracts, with the aim of creating a production plant of innovative plant extracts based on natural raw materials of exotic origin, indigenous to Mexico and destined for the European B2B market of cosmetics and nutraceuticals.



Bioingre excels in the vegetable extracts market with a portfolio of innovative and particular products, in trend and exceeding current demand and quality requirements of customers including:

  • production of plant extracts qualitatively guaranteed by international certifications,
  • supporting scientific studies that validate functionality and effectiveness for the final consumer,
  • applied nanotechnology to the active ingredient which increases its conservation, stability and bioavailability,
  • type of plant extracts that meet the demands of the final consumer.

The company is currently incubated at the Innovation Factory in the Area Science Park in Trieste.