BIOINGRE established relations with Italian technical and scientific institutions from the private and public sectors for research and development activities. Among these there is Bioextracto SRL, Area Science Park, Elettra Sincrotrone and Trieste University for the analysis, research and development of innovative plant extracts.

Our product portfolio is born out of R&D both in scientific laboratories as well as market inquiries and data analysis. This dual approach permits the development of a set of products aligned with consumer trends and needs, maximizing the metabolic functionalities to attain the best possible client satisfaction.

Through BIOINGRE, cosmetic and nutraceutics companies can access a finely tuned assortment of plant extracts that satisfy the current demand of a growing number of consumers and their objective of improving their well being and health through plant extracts with applied technology, unique, original, endemic, safe and attractive.

Unique exotic and endemic origin

Endemic extracts are taken from plants that grow in their original ecosystems, this allows for an exceptional concentration of active principles compared to a non endemic plant. With the added value in the components delivery by the application of nanotechnology the benefit is even more significant.


Safe, certified and traceable


Our laboratories are certified. We also provide full traceability, laboratory literature and product documentation (SDS and TDS) for our whole range of extracts.